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Below you will find our estimated pricing for most of our services offered. Our prices are based on square footage and needs. As a new customer, we offer a flat rate for most cleaning services. These prices are subject to change. For our additional services offered, you will find a price range, with a more exact quote offered after receiving detailed information regarding your project. Our quotes are free and no contracts are required for any services. To receive a quote for our services, complete our easy online form for Cleaning Services or Moving Services located on our website. *Prices Most Recent as of November, 2022.

Kitchen Counter Cleaning

Maid Service (furnished)

<1500 SqFt.


1600-1800 SqFt.


1900-2100 SqFt.


2200-2500  SqFt.


2600-2800 SqFt.


2900-3100 SqFt.


3200-3500 SqFt.


3600-4000 SqFt.


>4000 SqFt.


Our Maid Service Cleanings will provide your home the fresh, comfortable feel of a clean home. It offers your home disinfected bathrooms, kitchen counters and appliances wiped down, a light dusting of your furniture, carpets vacuumed, beds made, and floors swept and mopped. This service is a great maintenance cleaning to help keep your home on track for guests and every day tasks. 

Deep Cleanings (furnished)

<1500 SqFt.


1600-1800 SqFt.


1900-2100 SqFt.


2200-2400 SqFt.


2500-2700 SqFt.


2800-3000 SqFt.


3100-3300 SqFt


3400-3700 SqFt.


3800-4000 SqFt.


4100-4300 SqFt.


4400-4600 SqFt.


>4600 SqFt


Deep Cleanings include everything our Maid Service provides. In addition, you will receive a more thorough dusting, including doors, frames, window sills, kitchen/dining room tables/chairs, cobweb removal, and ceiling fans. We handwipe/clean all baseboards, and clean all blinds individually. We will clean inside your ovens, making them new again. Our Deep Cleanings include washing all the inside windows, including the window sills and ledges. This is your "bells & whistles" in cleaning services. 


Inside Oven Cleaning - Prices start at $40

No oven is too big or too dirty for our experienced cleaners. We can tackle any oven and make it brand new. This service can be added on to any Maid Service cleaning or Deep Cleaning Service. 

Refrigerator / Freezer Cleaning

Inside Refrigerator / Freezer Cleaning - prices start at $50

Cleaning refrigerators can be a task that gets overlooked with a busy schedule. We offer full inside refrigerator cleanings. For stocked fridges, we can remove all items, clean the fridge including drawers and shelves, and replace all your items. We also can clean your empty fridge, making sure it is fresh and santized for a new buyer or tenant. 

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Laundry Service

Price per load starts at $25

* Laundry service can also be added on to be completed during any cleaning service chosen

We offer complete laundry service while cleaning your home. This service may be added on to any cleaning service your choose. Our cleaning experts can wash, dry and put away your fresh, clean folded laundry. We communicate what works best for your home, and will personalize this service for you. 

Professional Empty Home Cleanings

<1500 SqFt.


1600-1700 SqFt.


1701-1800 SqFt.


1801-1900 SqFt.


1901-2000 SqFt.


2001-2300 SqFt.


2301-2700 SqFt.


2701-3100 SqFt.


3101-3300 SqFt.


3301-3700 SqFt.


3701-3900 SqFt.


3901-4100 SqFt.


4101-4300 SqFt.


4301-4500 SqFt.


4501-4800 SqFt.


4801-5000 SqFt.


>5000 SqFt.


We offer a complete empty home cleaning that every new buyer expects. Our goal is to make this home "move in ready". We specialize in deep cleaning an empty home, providing the details new buyers expect when they purchase a home. Visit our tab on this site, "Empty Home/Business Cleanings" for all the details with this services.