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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to fosterscleaningservice2@gmail.com or call/text anytime at 601-291-7936.

1. What payment methods do you offer?

We gladly take your check on day of service. If you prefer to pay online, we ask for all online payments be processed the day before services begin, by using our ONLINE payment option. If you prefer to pay with cash, notify the office the day before, and our workers will collect the cash on day of service. If you would like a receipt for payment, just ask. 

2. Do you have to be home for you to clean my home? 

We are comfortable either way. This is a personal choice, whether to be at home during your cleaning, or if you prefer to leave on day of service. 

3. I have pets that will be in my home the day you clean. Is this OK?

We welcome homes with pets. Our hiring practice is to always hire cleaners that are comfortable around household pets. If you prefer to crate your pet during the cleaning, just let us know, and we will notify our staff. We do ask, if you have excitable pets, and you will not be home during our cleaning, just notify our office so we can prepare our workers with any details you provide. 

4. I have used other services before, and did not have a positive experience. Do you carry any assurance that my belongings are protected? 

We take honesty very serious in our company. All our workers are drug tested initially and randomly. We do not hire anyone that can not pass our screen. We also do not hire workers that have a felony record. However, we are a second chance company. We look at each applicant and make decisions based on their screening interview. For your protection, we offer full liability insurance against breakage and theft. Feel safe using our company, in case any accidents should occur. 

5. I prefer to have the same person in my home with each cleaning. Can I request a certain cleaner each time? 

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. You may request a certain cleaner you prefer, and if they are available, we will schedule that particular cleaner. However, if they have resigned, or have taken the day off, we will offer a back up cleaner for your property. Typically, our turnover is high from time to time. This is why we create a profile about your preferences, so insure a complete cleaning. We offer clients who want the same cleaner each and every time, to explore hiring an individual cleaning person, instead of hiring a cleaning company. Otherwise, we are glad to give your home the care it deserves with each and every cleaning. 

6. I am not totally satisfied with my cleaning I received. 

We definitely want 100% satisfaction with each service. If you were not happy with any area of your home or business after your cleaner finished, please contact us immediately. We will offer to return at a time/date that is convenient with your schedule, to make any corrections. We are not perfect, but we certainly will do everything to correct any issues immediately, to insure your total satisfaction. You may also request a walk through prior to your cleaner finishing. This will give you the confidence that your cleaning is exactly the way you want it to be before the worker leaves. 

7. I need to reschedule my service date or pause services for a brief time. Is this possible? 

Sure! We do not charge any rescheduling fee or cancelation fee. Just notify us about 24 hours in advance, to make the changes to your service. If we are turned away at the door, upon arrival, we charge $10 turn away fee, made payable directly to your cleaner. 

8. I prefer not to sign a contract for services. 

We do not require any contract for services, unless your company requires one. You may start and stop services at any time.