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Meet Your Cleaner

Charity Wade- Charity is a very detailed cleaner, dependable and trustworthy. She is great with maintaining your home or office for all cleaning needs. 


Erica has been with the company since 2017. She is one of the best cleaners we have ever hired. She brings so much experience to each property she cleans. 

Tracie Thomas - Tracie is a great addition to our team, and has really shown us what great cleanings is all about. We are lucky to have her with us. 

Felicia Singleton - We are happy to have Felicia part of our team. She is a seasoned cleaner with years of experience. She is very dedicated to her work and it shows. 

Donna Thomas - Meet Donna! Mrs Donna works hard at keeping our clients very satisfied and happy with their cleanings. She also cleans some of our commercial buildings with awesome service. 

Cara Smudricks

Cara takes care of most of our commercial jobs, as well as home cleanings. She loves to laugh and keeps our team motivated with her positivity. 

Tenisha Taylor

Tenisha is one of our most versatile cleaners. She cleans empty homes to perfection, and can maintain any lived in home. Tenisha is always ready to clean. 

Alfred McDonald

Alfred is an outstanding worker at our Vicksburg location. He handles the day to day operations with expert experience. 

Gabby Henderson

Gabby is one of our youngest members of the Foster's Team. She understands what hard work is and is a favorite with all that work with her. 

Savannah McMillan

Meet Savannah, a bright spot in our Company. Savannah brings so much cleaning experience to our company and we are happy to have her with us. 


Dawayne is responsible for maintaining our Commercial properties. He is a great leader for our staff and will make sure your building is kept clean. Dawayne is also a great cleaner at many of our empty home cleanings. 

Allora Foret

Allora is a great worker at our rest areas. She maintains the facilities every week and loves to clean. 

Phillip Davis

Meet our Cleaner Phillip. Phillip comes with so much cleaning experience. He works hard at many of our buildings, completing janitorial services. He is eager to make your work space perfect.